Desislava Avdjieva. She is owner and manager of the advertising agency - Alternative Advertising, which is focused on developing creative offline branding strategies, creating and organizing events.

She developed in the field of consulting women entrepreneurs. She is the host of the show "Successful Women in Bulgaria".

Desislava is a professionalis in marketing and advertising, PR, brand identity and brand communication strategies.

In 2015, she co-founded Business Storm Global - a brand for creating business contacts and connecting businesses and mentors from different countries.

In the last year, Desislava Avdzhieva was speaker of the events:

- the largest online business conference held in Bulgaria

- the first World Entrepreneur's Day organized in Bulgaria

- 5th eCommCongress 2019

- Brand Talks: Favorite Brand Mission

On "Business Meets Culture" he will participate in Disscution Pannel- "From Local to International market".