Ruslan Cojocaru. He is 41 years old, entrepreneur and founder of Tucano Coffee. He is happy husband and father of three girls. Also he loves Yoga and Trailrunner.
Ruslan is a "team builder", an ideas eater and he likes challenges - they bring him adrenaline.

Tucano Coffee is in 30 locations in several countries , Cyprus, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Romania, Moldova, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kyrgyzstan.

The history of Tucano Coffee - for years they were captivated by the colorful culture, rich history and nature loving living of the Native Americans. They also had a passion for good coffee.

Their love for culture led them to travel around the world and gave them the opportunity to try countless cups of coffee and meet all types of people. Wherever they found a small coffee shop, they found a precious and unique environment. They loved the beautiful aromas and goodwill of visitors who were enjoying the coffee and talking without any sense of hurry.

Love.Peace.Coffee. - Tucano Coffee's motto, now famous in their coffee communities’ worldwide, was inspired by the era of rock’n’roll and hippies when people craved a return to purity of nature through love, pacifism, and freethinking.

On "Business Meets Culture" he will talk about the balance between entrepreneurship, mission and balance in life - Entrepreneurship 2.0.