Todor Terziev - speaker of "Business meets culture". He is manager, coach and friend.

For more than 9 years Todor Terziev has worked in the area of human resources recruitment and consulting.

Since 2015, he created his company NSR- New Social Responsibility, with the soul purpose to develop a better work force and working conditions in Bulgaria.

He is one of thefew that has been certified in the ZIg Ziglar inc. in the US. Having this knowledge, he has conducted hundreds of trainings and personal consulting to professionals and civilians.

His friends say that the one thing that sets apart Todor Terziev from other professionals in this field is his strive to do good, to help everybody that need counselling so they can achieve success.

His favourite phrase is " You can have everything you want as long as you help enough other people to have what they want! "

On "Business meets culture" he will talk about "How to build strong company culture!"