Tsvetina Petkova is an ex lawyer & an ex flight attendant. Present Community creator, Founder of Nomadic UnityHub and Zero start Co-founder & Mentor.

She is a Founder of Nomadic UnityHub - a network of people, places and projects, which attract young people back closer to Nature & their roots, where by transforming an old house into a creative hub, they set a new path of co-work, co-live and co-explore. Now. On Balkans. In Bulgaria. :flag-bg:

By forming a community (network) of locals, nationals and internationals in Bulgaria, Botevgrad region, Tsvetina Petkova and her team are creating a cultural creative hub for startups, digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

:top:They are aiming at combining the local infrastructure, the local traditions and resources with the urban coworking practices.On Business Meets Culture, you will learn about:

:arrow_right: Setting an example of how an old house in rural Bulgaria could be transformed into a coworking & coliving space.
:arrow_right: Creating an international social hub in rural Bulgaria by forming a network of local businesses, cultural and entrepreneurial events.
:arrow_right: Combining the best urban business practices with the individual cultural diversity of the region.
:arrow_right: Forming a network of places (houses), people and projects from around the world.
:arrow_right: What Global village? Why here and now?